Breastfeeding Mum Horrified At Being Asked To 'Cover Up' At Water Park Because She Was 'Offending' Others

Candace Garner Setosta was feeding her son in 90-degree heat.

A breastfeeding mum was gobsmacked when she was asked by two women at a water park to "cover up" while nursing her son in 90-degree heat.

Candace Garner Setosta had previously asked a staff member if there was a designated breastfeeding area in the park, but was told she could feed her child "anywhere".

Setosta opted to feed her son, Max, in a cafe, but she was approached by another employee who told her to cover up with a towel.

When Setosta refused, she was reportedly told to "unlatch" her son and feed him in their office.

Describing what happened on Facebook, Setosta explained the first two times she breastfed at the waterpark, there had been no issue.

"Unfortunately, the third time I fed him, two older women walked up to me, one was the supervisor, they asked me to cover my baby with a towel to feed him," she wrote.

"Mind you it's 91 degrees and 100% humidity here in south Mississippi... I nicely told them: 'No it was really hot and I would not put him under a towel'.

"Then I was asked if I would unlatch him and go to her office. Again I said: 'No, I'm not going to unlatch him and take him to your office to eat'.

"I reminded her that legally I can feed my baby anywhere I choose."

Setosta said she was told she "shouldn't feed him in the cafe because families were offended".

"At this point I was not very polite anymore," the mother continued.

"I said: 'Yeah, because heaven forbid we teach our children that breasts have a biological reason for being here.'

"She then informed me that she breastfed (because that makes this situation better) and asked me to face the fence to feed him.

"Well at this point a nice gentlemen sitting at the table next to me began to get aggravated with the situation as well. Luckily he came to my defence because I was upset and almost almost in tears."

Setosta explained she was especially shocked by the situation as she was at a waterpark where "half the place was half dressed".

The mother's post on Facebook, uploaded on 26 June, has garnered support from other breastfeeding mums.

"It annoys the hell out of me that this is even an issue," one mother wrote. "Seriously makes my blood boil."

Another commented: "I am so disgusted. The nerve of some people. Feed him when he is hungry. I was a covered feeding mum and was always modest, people would still look with disgust. They think boobs are sexual."

A spokesperson for Gulf Islands Waterpark told KFVS: "Candace, after having read your story, I would like to offer you a heartfelt apology, from one mother to another.

"I am so sorry that you and you're son Max were made to feel like anything less than welcome guests at our park.

"It is our best intention to allow all guests to have a more than pleasant and enjoyable experience."

Setosta updated her post explaining she had accepted the apology from the water park.

She also thanked the support she had received from breastfeeding mums worldwide.

"It truly is amazing the love that has been showered upon us," she wrote.

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