06/11/2019 13:47 GMT | Updated 06/11/2019 15:33 GMT

Brexit Is 'Biggest Foreign Policy Mistake' In Post-War Era, Says John Bercow

Ex-Commons speaker no longer has duty to remain impartial.

John Bercow has revealed he sees Brexit as the UK’s “biggest foreign policy mistake” in the post-war era. 

Having stepped down as Commons speaker last month, Bercow no longer has a duty to remain impartial and has shared his personal view at a Foreign Press Association briefing.  

“I’m no longer the speaker so I don’t have to remain impartial now,” he said, when asked how he viewed Brexit. 

“But if you ask me honestly, ‘do I think that Brexit is good for our global standing?‘, my honest answer is ‘no, I don’t’.

“I think that Brexit is the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period. That is my honest view.” 

Bercow’s tenure as speaker was seen as controversial, with Tory Brexiteers repeatedly accusing him of bending the rules and favouring Remainers. 

He also faced claims of bullying. 


PA Wire/PA Images
John Bercow walks over Westminster Bridge from a session in the gym this morning on his last day as Speaker of the House of Commons, after 10 years in the chair.

Labour MP Lindsay Hoyle was elected as Bercow’s replacement on Monday.

Boris Johnson today called a snap general election on December 12 with Brexit likely to be the decisive factor. 

The Conservatives will campaign on the new deal Johnson has agreed with Brussels, while Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to renegotiate Brexit and put the deal to a public vote versus Remain. 

Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, are pledging to revoke Article 50 altogether.