Brexit Prompts Racist Incidents Against Polish People - But These People Are Fighting Back

'To all those saying "go home" - it's thanks to these chaps that *you* have a home'

Reports of racist attacks and graffiti have been appearing around the country in the wake of the EU referendum result.

One incident has led police to investigate suspected racist graffiti scrawled on a Polish community building in London.

Officers are probing the criminal damage, thought to be racially-motivated, at the Polish Social and Cultural Association (Posk), in Hammersmith.

Graffiti saying "Fuck you OMP" was daubed across the doors.

In Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, laminated cards reading “leave the EU, no more Polish vermin” were also distributed, prompting an investigation by local police, according to the BBC.

The Polish Embassy released a statement on the incidents:

But in the fight-back against the hatred, people have been highlighting the contribution of Polish people to the UK.

Tory MP and Chief Treasury Secretary Greg Hands tweeted that Polish people are “incredibly welcome in the UK”, adding: “The word ‘solidarity' never felt more appropriate."

Polish people are not the only nationality who have faced racist abuse over the past few days.

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