21/05/2016 18:17 BST | Updated 23/05/2016 12:34 BST

Britain First Leicester Anti-EU Protest Gets Chased Out Of Town

'Racists are not welcome here!'

Britain First has been chased out of Leicester by a large group of demonstrators chanting "racists are not welcome here".

Leader Paul Golding and "around 20 activists" had set up a stall in the centre of the city to distribute anti-EU leaflets.

But the far-right group's message didn't wash with the public and they were soon surrounded by ant-facist protesters. 

Videos of the confrontation show the crowds chanting and individuals confronting Golding. 

Golding can be seen arguing with a lady who tells him multiculturalism in Leicester "is a great example of what England can be".

He replies: "Oh really, most of these people don't agree with you."

Golding then points to the crowd of people telling him to get out of the city.

The woman says: "Yes they bloody well do."

Police later led Britain First away. 

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Derby Antifa/@siegfails
Paul Golding...
Derby Antifa/@siegfails
... makes his escape.

Of course Britain First tried to put a positive spin on things...

(h/t Hulk and Tank Girl Smash the Fash)

The embarrassing incident comes just weeks after they suffered a crushing defeat in the London Mayoral election after which they posted a video lamenting the capital's first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

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