Britain First Mosque Protest Video Shows The Real Story Behind 'Brutal Attack'

'Group looks for trouble, group finds trouble, group runs away from trouble, group complains about trouble...'

Earlier this week Britain First stood outside a London mosque holding crosses and a banner that read "no more mosques".

Unsurprisingly, this provoked the local Muslim population and some minor scuffles broke out.

In typical fashion, leader Paul Golding and his cronies lied and claimed they faced a "brutal attack".

Or in other words...

The far-right group uploaded a video of the day to their Facebook page, but another one doing the rounds shows quite a different picture.

The clip, published by Exposing Britain First, provides a handy guide to how events unfolded.

Two Britain First activists have been banned from going within 250m of any mosque in the UK after the scuffle.

Golding is running in the London Mayoral election next month and last week unveiled his manifesto.

Unfortunately for him it is littered with errors that betray the fact he appears to not know what being Mayor actually entails.