24/04/2017 14:55 BST | Updated 24/04/2017 15:00 BST

Britain First Celebrates St George's Day By Inventing Word That Already Exists

You're 200+ years too late.

Paul Golding, Britain First leader.

Self-declared party of patriots, Britain First, celebrated St George’s Day by doing what it does best - cocking things up.

Leader Paul Golding proudly declared on Twitter that he had “coined a new term” to mark the 23rd April. 

ANGLOPHOBIA - has a nice ring to it.

Unfortunately it’s had a nice ring to it since at least 1793 when it was used in the writings of one Thomas Jefferson who defined it as “intense hatred or fear of England or what is English”.

Sound familiar? 

Other notable people to beat Golding to it include William James, John Fiske and William Archer.

Unfortunately it’s not the first time in recent memory that Golding has committed a Twitter faux pas - last week he tried to pass off a video of cricket fans celebrating as evidence of Muslims celebrating last week’s terror attack in Paris.