21/02/2017 10:42 GMT

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Auditions Livened Up As Dog ‘Urinates In David Walliams’ Shoe’


The 2017 ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ auditions are currently underway, and the theatre audience reportedly got to enjoy a few unexpected laughs during a recent round of tryouts, when a dog urinated in David Walliams’ shoe.

Simon Cowell and his fellow judges are currently busy trying to find the next Ashley and Pudsey or Diversity, but it hasn’t all been smooth-sailing.

Doug Peters/Doug Peters
The pooch pictured was not responsible for the accident 

A source told the Daily Star that the incident took place during some sort of dog yoga act.

“When the dogs came on the judges were really excited,” they are quoted as saying. “It can be tedious sitting there watching contestant after contestant, and we all know the magic animal acts can bring.

“It started well and everyone was cooing. The activity is for people who love yoga, but also dogs.

“You get to take your dog to class with you and perform stretches with the pet incorporated in the exercises.”

However, disaster then struck when one of the canines apparently peed in David’s show.

“What was even funnier was that Simon was having trouble doing the yoga because of his dodgy knees,” the source continues. “The act was amazing though and everybody loved it. There’s stiff competition this year.”

The ‘BGT’ auditions are expected to be screened in April, but this isn’t the first update to leak from the early.

Earlier this month, the show was at the centre of a “fakery” row when a prankster who auditioned labelled the whole process “contrived and manipulated” and around the same time, there was also drama when Simon rushed to the aid of a hopeful who collapsed.

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