21/04/2017 13:26 BST

'Britain's Got Talent': Simon Cowell Has Some Real Trouble Understanding Snapchat

Far be it from us to call him a silver surfer.

Anyone who has struggled to understand the Snapchat craze will probably have a bit of sympathy with Simon Cowell in this ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ clip. 

The talent show judge has real trouble getting his head around the social media app, after Stephen Mulhern tries to introduce him to it during some downtime at auditions. 

Oh Simon 

The presenter does a face swap of Simon and co-star David Walliams, which leaves Si completely lost for words, as he’s unable to work out exactly how the app works. 

“I don’t understand... I don’t get it,” he moans, as he stares at the phone dumbfounded.

“It’s your face on David’s head,” Stephen explains.

“Well, we look the same,” Simon argues. 

Same or not, the result is pretty terrifying. 

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ returned for its 11th series last week, with an array of acts tried to impress the panel, including the Missing People Choir, who gave the show’s most emotional audition in its 10-year history. 

Eight-year-old comedian Ned Woodman also branded Amanda a “dog” in an savage comedy roast, while one act was lucky enough to earn the first Golden Buzzer of the series. 

‘Britain’s GotMoreTalent’ airs on ITV2, Saturday 22 April at 9.25pm.

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