'Britain's Got Talent' Semi-Finals: Sword Swallower Alex Magala's Performance Leaves Simon Cowell Stunned

You could hear a pin drop in the 'BGT' studio when Alex took to the stage.

If you thought Alex Magala’s sword-swallowing ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audition was tense viewing, just wait until you see his semi-final performance.

The Moldavian stunt performer proved he was no one-trick pony during Monday night’s (23 May) episode, with an act so dangerous it had to be pre-recorded, in comparison to the rest of the hopefuls’ live performances.

He teased in his opening VT: “My first audition was just a warm-up, and everybody wants to know what I am going to do next. I’m going to do something you’ve never seen before, just to make history.”

And do you know what? He wasn’t over-selling it, either.

<strong>Yeah... don't try this at home</strong>
Yeah... don't try this at home

Alex’s performance began by swallowing a sword dangling from the ceiling, which then levitated and saw him dangling over the stage.

For the most exhilarating part of his death-defying performance, he was then blindfolded and climbed up a tall pole, while several sharp spikes were then wheeled towards the bottom of the pole where he was suspended from his legs.

Still blindfolded, he then dropped himself head-first onto the spikes, stopping himself just in the nick of time using only his legs, earning rapturous applause from the studio audience.

<strong>We were watching through our fingers</strong>
We were watching through our fingers

Simon Cowell told him: “I want you to go through to the final, but then I am dreading what you’re going to do next. You’re certifiably mad, but then no one has risked their life on this show the way you have.”

Alex told the judges: “With my act, I just want to let people know not to be afraid to pursue their dreams, to risk…”

The uniquely-talented performer garnered controversy shortly after his audition first aired, when it emerged that he’d previously enjoyed success on various incarnations of the ‘Got Talent’ series, in countries like the USA, France, Russia and Italy.

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