Britney Spears Vintage Video Answers Question: Can The Star Really Sing?

A fan site has posted early footage of Britney singing without any help.

One of pop's most important questions has finally been answered… sort of… after baffling music's biggest minds on both sides of the Atlantic for nigh on two decades. That is: Can Britney Spears actually sing?

A vintage video has been posted on a fan site, MuuMuse, depicting the teenage Ms Spears in action, showing what would go on to be her breakout hit 'Baby One More Time', as well as other familiar songs, 'Sometimes' and 'You Got It All'.

<strong>Britney giving it her all on stage in Las Vegas</strong>
Britney giving it her all on stage in Las Vegas
JB Lacroix via Getty Images

With no band, backing vocals or dance numbers to distract, it's just little Britney and her voice on show. And what is the result? Well, judge for yourself below:

A bit wobbly at times, perhaps, but the lady can hold a note, for sure.

This is pretty revelatory stuff for her die-hard fans as Britney has, in the years since, frequently opted to conduct performances with some 'help' - preferring to concentrate on delivering a bells-and-whistles extravaganza, as shown in her recent Las Vegas residency.

Tap the first picture below to open the slideshow:

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