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'Broadchurch' Series 3 Episode 5: 13 Questions We Have Ahead Of Tonight's Instalment

Who sent the flowers??

‘Broadchurch’ has reached the beginning of the end. Tonight will see the broadcast of Episode 5 out of 8 of what David Tennant seemed to confirm yesterday will definitely be the final series of the hit drama.

This means we’ve now crossed the halfway point of the final series, and I’m not sure we’re any nearer discovering the identity of Trish Waterman’s attacker. 

Of course, now the identity of Trish’s bedfellow on the Saturday before the assault has been revealed, it’s only a matter of time before his wife, her estranged husband, and everyone else finds out - a bit of a complication in a small community where everyone knows everyone, and the attacker still walks unmarked. 

In the meantime, here’s what we’re chewing on this week... any thoughts or ideas welcome. 

Are Miller and Hardy any nearer finding out who attacked Trish? Doesn't feel like it

1. First things first. Jim Atwood… Oh Jim. Oh Trish. While Cath was “on an early shift”. What bearing will this have on the investigation, or the crime itself? Did someone spot them, and did it matter? 

2. No one can deliver a calm rebuke like Olivia Colman - “We’re still looking for a weapon that knocked a woman unconscious.”But apart from that, why would the police be interested in a cricket bat left lying in the grounds? The estate owner can’t be that stupid, he’s right posh. What’s the real reason he “forgot” to tell the police? 

3. And where is its matching pair? He seems to be pretty casual about that, too. I think we can expect that to turn up soon, probably right at the end of an episode, possibly at the back of Ed’s shop or somewhere equally incriminating?

4. How poor was that undercover surveillance of convicted rapist Aaron? Short of parking their car in his driveway...

5. The flashback to the party that we’ve been hoping for has finally arrived, and what did we learn? That Trish was the lift and soul of the party, having a laugh and catching the eye of many a male guest. The suspect list isn’t getting shorter any time soon… did you spot anything interesting? 

6. Although lovesick Ed Burnett was looking at Trish very fondly, and was the last man to catch her eye as she walked outside? Hmmm, no, too obvious. But it is Lenny Henry… If this were ‘Midsomer Murders’, the most famous guest actor would be bang to rights. Just saying. 

7. What did silly Ian Winterman put on his estranged wife’s computer? I haven’t pegged him as the culprit here, I’m thinking more… maybe spyware computer to keep an eye on Trish’s movements, something that is bound to get him into trouble and provide a red herring later, hence his enthusiasm for its disposal. “Don’t trouble your mum with it.” Well, no. 

The Latimers are divided over whether to go after Joe Miller

8. And why did even sillier girlfriend Sarah send Trish an abusive text? Seems a little gratuitous. What did Trish need to shut up about?

9. Any reason for the vicar still being in this story? The Latimers at a push, but the Reverend Coates… 

10. As for Leo with the nets, why do we “need to check his alibi”? I thought we established he was courting his lucky ladyfriend with a kebab. And how relevant that he, too, is in with Ian? 

11. This under-current of teenagers getting into trouble with their phones continues. Just a social ill being explored, or a connection with the central mystery we have yet to hear about?

12. Why is no one interested in the taxi driver any longer? Told you he turned up too early. 

13. Who sent the flowers???

Got any ideas yourself? Please tweet to @FrostReporter, and I’ll be sure to include.

‘Broadchurch’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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