14/09/2018 11:49 BST | Updated 14/09/2018 14:39 BST

Businesswoman Gina Miller Launches Bid To 'End The Chaos' Of Brexit

Speech will fuel speculation Remain campaigner is seeking a political career.

Businesswoman Gina Miller has launched a national campaign to “end the chaos” of Brexit by publishing “unspun facts” so people can decide for themselves what they want to happen next.

Announcing the movement in Dover on Friday, she said “political infighting” and other “bitter” tensions rising from the debate had “mired” the country.

Miller said she hoped the “light of transparency” would “disinfect the poisonous and unproductive” Brexit debates the country is “sick of”.

The Guyanese-British 53-year-old, who won a High Court case against the government over the involvement of Parliament in Brexit, said in a speech: “Today there are just 196 days to go until our scheduled departure from the European Union.

“The end of 46 years of shared history, experience and endeavour with our European partners and allies.

“Every day, the hour glass runs emptier, the clock ticks more loudly.

“But where is that settled plan that we were once promised would be so easy?

“What little confidence there might once have been is now, sadly, in very short supply.

“There is a panic in the air - and time is fast running out.”

Miller said many Britons, irrespective of whether they voted Leave or Remain the 2016 referendum, were “beginning to wonder how this journey will end”.

“The reality is that no-one truly understands what Brexit means for Britain.” she added.

Speaking at a town hall in the Kent constituency which voted 62.2% to leave the EU, she described Dover as a “beacon” of Britain’s heritage.

The Dover Strait, the world’s busiest shipping lane, was a “vital lifeline” for the country and “crucial” to the economy, she said, adding: “It is the shortest possible distance across the Dover Strait to continental Europe.”

Gina Miller

Miller said it would be “grotesque” if the UK dissolved as an “unintended consequence” of Brexit and described the current state of affairs as resembling a “Brex-suicide”.

She added: “This is not, surely, how it was meant to be? This is not what we want for ourselves or what we wish to bequeath to our children and grandchildren.”

Calling on politicians to listen to the thoughts of people “beyond Zone 2”, she claimed they were “stuck in their Westminster bubble” and were mostly “impervious” to “clearly identifiable shifts in public opinion”.

Over the last two months she said she had travelled the country speaking to Britons from “every background and walk of life” to ask them what they think the outcome of the process should be.

She said her inquiries revealed people were “yearning for unspun facts” free from “ideological jargon”, adding: “We will aim to provide these in an understandable, honest and impartial manner.”

Miller said her campaign, which included the launch of a dedicated website, was prompted by a “total lack of clarity” over Brexit and because it was “morally and democratically right to give people as much information as possible about the implications of Brexit so that they can make informed choices”.