The Definitive Ranking Of Labour MP Tweets Mocking The Tory Cabinet Reshuffle Shambles

Scores on the doors.

Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle has been a bit of a disaster but a boon for tweeting Labour MPs who have jumped at the chance to get in a dig at their political opponents.

It all began with a rather serious tone as Darlington MP, Jenny Chapman, suggested the PM should have more important things to be doing.

Then came the announcement Chris Grayling was to to be made Party Chairman and reaction from the Labour Whips Office was scathing.

But Tony Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, took had a far more positive slant on the appointment.

Then the confusion began...

Turns out he is not Tory Chairman - a tweet on the official @conservatives channel congratulating Grayling on the appointment was deleted within moments of being sent, but not before it had been shared by a number of Tory MPs and reported on TV.

Angela Rayner then stepped up to the plate with the day’s first hashtag offering for the swiftly unravelling situation.

Hashtag lacks a pun and not very original though use of date does imply one of many - 5/10

MP for Exeter, Ben Bradshaw, jumped in with his own effort of which he was apparently so confident it required no context.

Simple, a bit on the obvious side but extra marks for alliteration - 7/10

As the Conservative cock-up was confirmed it became open season.

Solid and snarky classic - 8/10

An odd mix of panic and understatement that doesn’t quite work - 3/10

Brilliant. Simply brilliant - 10/10

Nice use of gifs although we did see a number of other people with the same idea - 8/10

Again with the #ToryMess2018 but more could have been done with the picture (see below) - 6/10

Extra points for rhyming and who doesn’t love a monkey emoji? - 8/10

This erm... doesn’t quite work - 1/10

Nice, very nice - 9/10

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