Love Posh Candles? This Hack Helps Burn Them To The Very Bottom

Basically, there's no need to throw away a candle just because the wick has burned out.

There’s nothing more frustrating than splashing your cash on a fancy candle – only for the wick to burn out before the wax is finished.

But apparently there’s a way around that, according to Sara Jones Hough, who shared her candle hack in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group.

When you can’t light your candle because the wick has burned out (but there’s still wax left in the jar), pour hot water into the jar.

This, according to Hough, will allow the wax to “rise up” to the top, allowing you to remove it easily.

She suggests putting that wax in an oil burner – which can be bought for under a fiver from places like Asda and Wilko – so you can still benefit from the scents of your fancy candle.

If not, Jones Hough says you can cut a hole in the wax and put it on top of another candle (threading the wick through).

Other suggestions on the Facebook group included buying wicks online to put in the candles – essentially making a new one.

The main message is don’t throw out your candles when they’ve still got wax in – they can definitely be used somehow.

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