08/06/2018 10:46 BST | Updated 08/06/2018 13:59 BST

Carol Vorderman Reveals She Was Paid 3 Times More Than Richard Whiteley On 'Countdown'

For that reason, she says she 'can't get involved' in the gender pay gap discussion.

Carol Vorderman has said she “can’t get involved” in discussions about the gender pay gap as she was paid three times more than former ‘Countdown’ co-host Richard Whiteley. 

The maths whizz, who appeared on ‘Countdown’ for 26 years until she stepped down in 2008, revealed she and Richard argued when he found out about her hefty salary.

Carol Vorderman and Richard Whiteley hosted 'Countdown' together from 1982 to 2005

Speaking on Today FM, Carol said: “OK, I’m going to give you an exclusive here now, I can’t get involved in that because the only heated debate Richard and I ever had was when he found out that I was being paid three times more than him.”

It was thought Carol earned between £1million and £3million-a-year at the height of her ‘Countdown’ popularity. 

Of the gender pay gap debate, she continued: ”[It] is not necessarily men versus women, there’s a lot of women against women.

“Trolling on Twitter - it’s not men having a go at women, it’s often women having a go at women, which I kind of think, ‘Where’s the sisterhood gone?’. I’m glad it’s being discussed though and it is out in the open now.”

Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images
Carol said she 'can't get involved' in discussions about the gender pay gap

After Richard passed away in 2005, Carol continued to host ‘Countdown’ with Des Lynham and Des O’Connor, until she quit in 2008 amid a row over pay. 

She claimed at the time Channel 4 bosses told her she would have to take a 90 percent pay cut to match the show’s 33 percent budget cut.

She said at the time: “I am devastated that my joyous time with one of the best programmes on TV has ended this way.

“I was happy to continue doing the numbers and letters for years to come. I wish all of my friends and colleagues every success in the future. I’ll miss them all.”

The show is currently presented by Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley, with Susie Dent continuing to appear in Dictionary Corner.

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