Caroline Flack's Hopeless Turn On Celebrity Bake Off Was Pure Comedy Gold

Baking had never been so relatable.

While we love seeing the amazing creations on the regular edition of The Great British Bake Off, there’s no denying that the celebrity series has served up some even more entertaining moments.

First up, there was Russell Brand’s vagina cake, and then there was Rylan Clark-Neal, who inadvertently created a steaming pile of turd – but it turned out that neither of them had a patch on Caroline Flack.

Channel 4

The Love Island presenter was one of the final four famous faces who headed into the tent on Tuesday night’s last edition of The Great Celebrity Bake Off in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, and it’s fair to say she wasn’t the most naturally gifted baker the show has ever seen.

In fact, she’s probably one of the worst (sorry Caroline!), but what she lacked in baking ability, she more than made up for in the way of entertainment, serving up a collection of hilarious moments...

She set out to look as professional as she could, even if she had no idea what she was doing

She met her nemesis in the form of a mixing bowl

Leaving Sandi too afraid to go near her in case of an impending disaster

When it came to the technical challenge, she couldn’t even pronounce what she was baking, let alone create it

The end result was, errrrm, interesting

Her facial expressions were absolutely priceless throughout the episode

Given she was not a natural baker, she was very easily distracted

As her showstopper came together, even she had to laugh at just how rubbish it was

Believe it or not, this was actually meant to be a representation of herself in baking form...

But people had a lot of ideas what it looked like instead...

Even she couldn’t stomach what she’d created

And she resigned to the fact she was as bad a cook as she’d always thought herself to be

“I hope all the people in my past who’ve said to me ‘you should do more cooking’ will now say ‘no you’re right. You should stay out of the kitchen’!"”

- Caroline Flack
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