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'Celebrity Big Brother': Jamie O'Hara Learns Bianca Gascoigne Has A Boyfriend, And He's Not Impressed

'You did say you were single...'

Jamie O’Hara got a rather unpleasant surprise in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house on Tuesday (24 January), after discovering that Bianca Gascoigne has a boyfriend in the outside world.

During their time in the ‘CBB’ house, Jamie and Bianca have been growing closer and closer, often taking trips to the toilet together for private moments, away from the cameras.

However, during a task on Wednesday’s (25 January) show, Jamie gets quite the shock when he’s shown a clip of Bianca talking about her boyfriend earlier in the series.

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Bianca attempts to explain herself in front of the rest of the group, saying: “It’s something that obviously I need to sort out. But I had no intentions, obviously, of having a romance inside the house, but it has happened. And I feel terrible for it.

“And in here, you can’t obviously have that conversation. So you sit there and you worry and…”

At that point, Jamie - who had been despondently staring at the floor - piped up: “You did say you were single, though.”

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Jamie attempts to laugh off the situation

Bianca is later seen crying on Calum Best’s shoulder, while a disappointed Jamie spends some time alone in the bedroom.

As she and Jamie discusd the matter away from the rest of the housemates, she tells him: “I should have obviously filled you in, but the situation with me and you was getting better and better… I don’t even know, I’m just so sorry.”

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Calum Best comforts Bianca

He admits: “I was a bit fuming, because obviously I thought you were single… so I was a bit upset. If I wasn’t bothered, I would just be like ‘oh fuck this’, do you know what I mean? But because I actually really like you… I’m like, fucking hell. You’ve got a fella.”

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Jamie and Bianca talk it out

Jamie had tried to cool things off with Bianca earlier in the week, admitting that his situation with ex-wife Danielle Lloyd outside the house made things complicated for them.

Find out whether the two can work through their problems in Wednesday’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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