15/01/2018 10:22 GMT

'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans Divided After Courtney Act Pulls Down Andrew Brady's Pants

The 'Drag Race' star was not given a warning over the incident.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ fans have been left divided over housemate Courtney Act’s behaviour in last night’s (14 January) highlights show, with some suggesting she crossed a line with Andrew Brady.

After a night of partying in the house, Courtney and Andrew were the only two housemates left awake, and were seen joking around in the living room.

Courtney then attempted to pull down Andrew’s trousers, at which point he joked: “That’s assault!”

The former ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ finalist then one-upped herself, going to pull down his underwear as she remarked: “That’s not assault… this is!”

Channel 5
Courtney and Andrew in the living room

Following this, the two began play-fighting, with Big Brother only intervening when Courtney (aka Shane Janek) began piling cushions from the sofa on top of Andrew.

Channel 5
Andrew and Courtney play-fighting by the sofasz

Some viewers are now questioning whether Courtney should be reprimanded by ‘CBB’ bosses, or even be given a formal warning, with fans of the show divided over whether further action should be taken:

When contacted by HuffPost UK, a ‘CBB’ spokesperson confirmed Courtney did not receive a warning over the incident, though Andrew was spoken to privately by producers to ensure he wasn’t perturbed.

Past series of ‘CBB’ have seen the famous housemates being reprimanded for similar conduct, such as in 2012, when Denise Welch was given a telling off from producers when she pulled down Playboy model Karissa Shannon’s pyjama bottoms.

The incident led to a large-scale argument, with Karissa famously threatening in the Diary Room to sue the Channel 5 show’s producers if they showed her naked on the TV without her consent.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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