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'Celebrity Big Brother': Kim Woodburn In Furious Row With Bianca Gascoigne Over Jamie O'Hara

'Dirty! Filth!'

With the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ final just days away, you’d probably think the housemates would be chilling out at this point, and jovially reflecting on their month in the house.

Well… they’re not.

In fact, the rows are still as heated as ever, and in Wednesday’s (1 February) episode, it was Kim Woodburn and Bianca Gascoigne who came to blows.

As part of a task, the housemates were treated to highlights clips from their past 30 days in the ‘CBB’ house, which obviously included Kim and Jamie O’Hara’s infamous row (you know, the one that ended in her branding him an “adulterer” and being led out of the house by security).

Channel 5
Yep, she's lost it again

However, seeing it on screen for the first time, Bianca was unhappy to see her new squeeze past thrown back in his face in the heat of a moment.

So, when the group was asked to vote for ‘Naughtiest Housemate’, both Bianca and Nicola McLean chose Kim, with the former explaining: “She was not very nice to my man. I think it was uncalled for, and a little bit below the belt, shall we say?”

And do you think Kim was going to stand for that? Erm… nope.

Despite telling the pair “fair enough” and that she “accepts” their critiques, she quickly added: “I thought we were going to stay friendly, and make it light, but obviously not… I was going to put Jedward, because they’re naughty.

“But since you’ve brought this up… your young man…”

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Bianca stands by her man

As Bianca pleaded with her not to start, Kim raised her voice, insisting (in what has become one of her catchphrases): “You started this! When you do this, you take the lightness away.

“Your boyfriend two-timed his wife with three children…”

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These faces pretty much say it all

Kim then brought Nicola into it, claiming she’d told Jamie that his ex-wife had “only married him for his money”, pointing her finger and adding simply: “Dirty.”

Things then became predictably even more heated, at which point Kim was called out of the house to the Diary Room by Big Brother, so she could calm down.

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So much for winding down as the final approaches, eh?

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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