04/09/2018 08:46 BST

Roxanne Pallett Fears She's 'Most Hated Girl In Britain' After 'Celebrity Big Brother' 'Punch' Row

'There's nothing people can say to me I haven't already said to myself.'

Former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Roxanne Pallett has said she feels like “the most hated girl in Britain”, after admitting to “getting it wrong” when she accused Ryan Thomas of “punching” her in the house.

Last week, Roxanne told ‘CBB’ bosses that she wanted Ryan removed from the house when, in an incident described by producers at the time as “almost play-fighting”, she suggested he’d “repeatedly” and “deliberately” punched her in the ribs.

Having now left the house of her own accord, Roxanne discussed the incident in a pre-recorded interview with Emma Willis, in which the presenter held nothing back and got straight to the point.

Channel 5
Roxanne Pallett on 'CBB'

Reflecting on the incident and the backlash that has followed, Roxanne said: “I’m the most hated girl in Britain right now, it’s a lot to deal with... that’s the title I feel everyone has given me at the moment.

“All I can do is own it, accept it and apologise.”

During the interview, Emma also asked Roxanne about tweets from stars who have worked with her in the past, suggesting she’d made similar false accusations with them, which the former ‘Emmerdale’ actress claimed to have no knowledge of.

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Emma was stony-faced throughout the interview

She also revealed she hadn’t tried to make contact with Ryan’s friends or family to apologise, so as not to “impose”.

At the end of the interview, Roxanne became tearful when Emma asked whether she would “forgive herself” if the shoe were on the other foot, to which the host reacted by taking her earpiece and thanking the crew around her.

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'Thanks, everyone'

Roxanne’s pre-recorded ‘CBB’ interview came hours after she sat down with Jeremy Vine for the first edition of his new current affairs show, which aired live on Monday morning.

Speaking about the debacle for the first time, Roxanne said she “massively regrets” the way she behaved in the house, admitting she “got it wrong” when it came to the punching allegations.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5.

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