26/10/2018 16:02 BST | Updated 26/10/2018 16:36 BST

Channel 4 Is Completely Ripping Piers Morgan And It's All For A Great Cause

'Dear Piers Morgan. Why don't you go and f**** yourself.'

Some people – not us, obviously – might say there is never not a good time to throw some serious shade at Piers Morgan, but it appears today is an especially great time to indulge.

Channel 4 took it to the next level earlier, hitting the Good Morning Britain host square between the eyes with a no-holds-barred greeting.


A little later the network’s Twitter account declared the country had put Brexit behind them and united in the idea that Morgan is in a fact, a “massive bellend”.

Then, in a tweet which some people – not us, obviously – suggested was the most poetic of the day, they declared him “in the top 1” in the chart of “single biggest wanker in the history of human civilisation”.

If Twitter was an actual battleground, there would be nothing but blood and goo left after that.

Some people – not us, obviously – might say justification for such remarks isn’t needed, but it just so happens that Channel 4 is raising “serious cash” for Stand Up To Cancer.

That’s right, for just 50 British pounds, you too can have Channel 4 insult Morgan of your behalf.

Morgan has responded to one of the tweets but it was a bit weak. 

But there’s more – for £100 Channel 4 will “tweet you a dick pic” and for £250 they’ll “pitch your TV show idea and get feedback from a commissioner”.

Some people – not us, obviously – would happily watch a 30 minute show of people abusing Piers Morgan on Twitter...