Charlie's Angels Stars Reunite At Lucy Liu's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore came out to support their co-star nearly 20 years after the original movie.

Question: Tell me what you think about Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore reuniting nearly 20 years after the first Charlie’s Angels movie hit theaters.

It’s taken this long for Lucy, a national treasure, to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so when it finally happened her former co-stars came out in full force.

The trio, who starred as the famed crime-fighting team in the 2000 film reboot of the 1970s TV show, were seen laughing together and smiling at the ceremony in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Demi Moore, who starred as the villain in the 2003 sequel Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, was also in attendance and introduced Liu to the crowd with some sweet remarks about their friendship.

She described Lucy Liu, whom she first met while shooting the film, as “a badass with brains, a beautiful heart, with a deep loving soul, and a damn good sense of humor”.

“There is no one as deserving of this honour than you,” she added, noting the actress’ commitment to philanthropy over the years.

When it came time for Lucy to accept the honour and take the stage, Cameron, Drew and Demi cheered her on from the audience.

At the podium, Lucy reflected on her career in Hollywood and paid tribute to actress Anna May Wong, the first Asian-American movie star, who rose to fame in the 1920s. Anna May’s Walk of Fame star now sits opposite Lucy’s.

“Sometimes people talk about my mainstream successes as groundbreaking for an Asian, but Asians have been making movies for a long time,” Liu said. “We just weren’t making them here because we weren’t invited to the table.”

“If my body of work somehow helped bridged the gap between the stereotypical roles first given to Anna May and mainstream success today, I’m thrilled to have been part of that process,” she continued.

The Elementary actress then went on to give a shoutout to her “Charlie’s Angels” co-stars for supporting her through the years.

“My dear Angels, it’s a 20-year reunion,” she said. “Twenty years ago we were an elite crime-fighting team. Now look at us!”

Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz appear at Liu's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Wednesday.
Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz appear at Liu's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Wednesday.
Tommaso Boddi via Getty Images

A new crop of actresses are reporting for duty in a “grounded” reboot of the franchise directed by Elizabeth Banks and set to hit theaters in November.

Lucy has already given the next generation of angels, Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska, her blessing.

“It is something that people keep coming back to and they’re drawn to. That’s something that needs to be explored, and if it needs to be explored on all different levels, then it should be,” she said back in 2018 when the project was announced. “It will only be a more positive result for women.”