Woman's Reunion With Father After Taking DNA Ancestry Test Will Warm Your Icy Heart

'My entire life he lived no further than 20 mins away from me.'

A 31-year-old woman has shared the emotional story of how she reunited with her father after taking a DNA ancestry test - and it’s given the internet ALL of the feels.

Chassity was raised by her mother and never had any contact with her father. But recently she became curious about her heritage and ordered a postal DNA-testing kit.

The results showed that one side of her family had a heavy concentration of European ancestry, which confused Chassity as she’d been led to believe her father was ‘deeply dark-skinned’.

After digging further, she managed to track down her dad and the pair have since had the most glorious father-daughter reunion.

Chassity tweeted her heartwarming story on 15 June, which was shared as a Twitter moment two days later. Here’s her story...

Chassity called her aunt and the pair worked together to find out her father’s full name. They were then able to track him down on Facebook.

As soon as Chassity spotted his profile picture, she knew it was him.

“[For the] first time in my ENTIRE life, I seen someone who looks like me,” Chassity tweeted.

She then drummed up the courage to message her father and waited anxiously for his response.

“I didn’t know if he even knew about me or [would] even accept I could possibly be his child,” she added.

But she needn’t have worried as she received the most heartwarming reply.

“Wow I [have] been looking for you forever,” her dad responded.

Chassity tweeted: “I never felt a feeling like this. A man that wants to be my father and there he is.

“My entire life he lived no further than 20 mins away from me... And he couldn’t find me because I have another man’s last name.

“For so long I thought something was wrong with me. That I was not an easy person to love. That I had to prove my love for others to receive.

“Hell, I lived my whole life like I was... fatherless.”

But now she knows who her father is - and he wants to play an active part in her life.

The pair couldn’t wait to meet one another so, shortly after tracking him down on Facebook, Chassity met her dad and they took an adorable selfie together.

She said finding her father has made her feel “whole” again and the pair now message each other every day.

Chassity concluded: “Now FINALLY I can feel the love of a man who never knew me but always loved me. A father’s love I never imagined I could have.”