07/11/2018 10:00 GMT

Cheryl Tweedy Says She Took Four-Year Break From Music 'For Her Sanity'

"You get to the point where it’s like ‘What is the point? Why am I putting myself through this?’”

Cheryl Tweedy has spoken about her decision to take a break from public life, ahead of the release of her new single.

Earlier this week, Cheryl teased that her new release ‘Love Made Me Do It’ was coming this Friday, the first new material the former Girls Aloud singer has released in four years.

Speaking to pop star Jessie Ware on her ‘Table Manners’ podcast, Cheryl discussed why she made the conscious decision to take a break from the industry, insisting she did it for her “sanity”.

“I honestly didn’t know how much I needed it until I did it,” she explained. “I’d just had enough.

“I wasn’t inspired, I was jaded. It felt like a negative space I was living in and then you get to the point where it’s like ‘What is the point? I could be doing something I hate doing and feel the same way, so why am I like putting myself through this?’”

She added: “I like a balance. I like peace and harmony in my life.”

Chesnot via Getty Images
Cheryl at a L'Oreal event over the summer

During her break from music, Cheryl and ex-partner Liam Payne welcomed their son, Bear, into the world, though she was quick to dismiss the idea that the song was inspired by her former relationship.

She said: “All the music and all the songs that I’ve got ready were done way before we split – none of them are about anybody.”

‘Love Made Me Do It’, which Cheryl has shared a brief instrumental preview of on her Instagram account, will serve as the lead single from her upcoming fifth solo album, the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Only Human’.

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