Chewbacca Mask Mum Reveals Her Kids 'Flipped Out' After Getting Incredible 'Star Wars' Themed Surprise

More than 136 million people have viewed Candace Payne's video.

The mum who found fame simply by laughing hysterically at her own 'Star Wars' Chewbacca mask has revealed her kids received the biggest surprise in response.

In the Chewbacca Facebook video, which racked up 136 million views in four days, Candace Payne firmly stated the mask was hers and not her kids'.

When American department store Kohl's saw the video, they decided to intervene.

"Candace didn't want to share her Chewbacca mask. So we showed up to make sure she didn't have to," they tweeted.

Representatives from the store showed up at Payne's house and greeted her two children with a load of 'Star Wars' goodies.

"At Kohl's, we also believe it's all about the simple joys in life," they wrote alongside the video.

"Because Candace's attitude and spirit reflect all that we are at Kohl's, we could not wait to surprise her and her family."

Payne later posted a photo of herself with her kids and all the toys they received. There was a lot.

"One of the most incredible parts of today? Watching my kids flip out," she wrote. "Thank you, again, Kohl's!"

Payne's original video, posted on Facebook on 19 May, has been shared more than three million times.

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