10/12/2018 11:29 GMT | Updated 10/12/2018 12:04 GMT

Fish And Chip Shop Sells Deep-Fried Christmas Dinner And We're Not Sure How To Feel

Would you be brave enough to try it?

Scotland’s fish and chip shops may be famous for their unconventional dishes (deep-fried Mars bar, anyone?), but one establishment has pushed things to a whole new level.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, the deep-fried Christmas dinner.  

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The meal is being served at Dunkeld Fish Bar in Perthshire, Scotland, and comes with deep-fried turkey goujons, battered Brussels sprouts and carrots, and parsnip fritters. 

But the star of the show is a giant pig in a blanket – a foot-long sausage that’s been drowned in batter.

If that doesn’t all sound enough to satiate your festive appetite, the meal also comes with a deep-fried mince pie for pudding. 

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Although we feel a little queasy just looking at the meal, it does go to a good cause. 

Each speciality supper will set you back £10 and all sale proceeds are going to the Dunkeld community, with a visit from Santa and his reindeer planned for local children.

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Despite our reservations, fish bar owner Scott Davie, 43, who runs the shop with his wife Sharon, says the festive dish is “really popular”.

“People think they don’t like Brussels sprouts, but they’re always overcooked,” he added. 

“We do them from raw, and their natural moisture content cooks them through, and they are absolutely amazing. They are really, really good.”

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If anyone manages to finish the meal, we salute you.