13 Christmas Dresses That Will Perfectly Conceal Your Festive Food Baby

Elasticated waistbands at the ready.

We all have grand visions of ourselves decked out in Instagrammable velvet and sequins on Christmas day, when in reality we just need a pair of elasticated slacks and wipe-clean surfaces for 48 hours.

So reach a compromise this year (and simultaneously appease your grandmother who hates you wearing pyjamas at the table) and wear a Christmas dress that perfectly conceals your food baby.

Not to mention has all the room to hide the Quality Street.

£49.99, Zara
£69.99, Zara
£29.99 , Mango
£95, Whistles
£29.99, Zara
£59.99, Mango
£49.99, Warehouse
£140, Whistles
£29.99, Zara
£65, Topshop
£89.99, COS

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