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Christmas Gift Ideas For Babies: 15 Presents New Parents Will Love (And You Won't Find Them On The High Street)

Those elf booties though 👌

If you’re bored of seeing the same old Christmas gifts for babies on the high street, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve scoured the internet for something a little different.

We’ve rounded up a selection of presents that new parents will welcome during their baby’s first year, all from independent boutiques and outlets, so its less likely they’ll end up with five of the same thing.

With everything from the essential (muslins) to the fun (dinosaur onesies), this guide will help you find something special for someone celebrating their first ever Christmas.

  • 'Say Hello' Wrist And Ankle Rattles
    Stick these rattles on your baby's ankles or wrists and watch their amazement when the toys make noise as they move. The rattles were developed in partnership with Baby Sensory
    Suitable from birth.
    Price: £7 for both. 
    Buy here.
  • Cat Muslin Cloths (2 pack)
    No new parent can have too many muslins. This adorable two-pack of clothes are super soft and made from organic materials. 
    Suitable from birth. 
    Price: £14.
    Buy here.
  • Crab Teether
    Can the teething stage ever be fun? Hopefully, with this adorable crab teether. 
    Suitable from birth. 
    Price: £11. 
    Buy here.
  • Dinosaur-hooded baby onesie.
    Babies always look adorable sleeping, but don't you think they look SO much cuter wearing a dinosaur onesie?
    Available from six months. 
    Price: £12.
    Buy here.
  • Personalised Christmas Decorations
    You can't mark your baby's first Christmas without a present to mark your baby's first Christmas... We love this wooden decoration to put on your tree - handmade to order!
    Not suitable for babies to play with.
    Price: £3.50.
    Buy here.
  • Deluxe Sleeved Bib
    Bibs that cover a baby's chest are all well and good, but what about when they get mess everywhere else? These sleeved bibs with pockets are genius.
    Suitable from birth.
    Price: £12. 
    Buy here
  • Crocheted Christmas Elf Boots
    Your little one may be too young for real shoes, but these adorable festive booties will not only keep their feet warm, but create your very own elf, too!
    Suitable from birth. 
    Price: £15. 
    Buy here.
  • Personalised Keepsake Spoon
    If having a personalised Christmas decoration isn't enough to mark your baby's first Christmas, how about an engraved spoon?
    Not suitable for babies to play with.
    Price: £12.80.
    Buy here.
  • Touch, Think and Learn
    They might be too young to know what's going on, but it's never too early to introduce interactive books to your baby. This alphabet book adds a new dimension with raised pieces and mirrored cut-outs to creative an impressive book. 
    Suitable for ages 0 to three years. 
    Price: £14.99. 
    Buy here.
  • Cotton Sleeping Bag
    Keep your baby cosy in this 100% organic brushed cotton sleeping bag. How adorable is that design?
    Available from birth to six months. 
    Price: £38.95. 
    Buy here.
  • Bath Squeeze Toys
    These squeeze and switch bath toys will provide endless fun at bath time. They bubble under the water and squirt when they're outside the water.
    Suitable from 10 months.
    Price: £16.
    Buy here
  • Festive Reindeer Comforter
    The perfect soft companion for your baby during the festive season.
    Suitable from birth.
    Price: £9.99. 
    Buy here
  • Handmade Baby's Hat
    Keep them warm and cosy with this 100% knitted cotton stripy hat. 
    Suitable from birth.
    Price: £15.95.
    Buy here.
  • Wiggles Baby Grow
    Gender-neutral clothing company 'Shapes of Things' has tonnes of brilliant designs on their baby clothes: We're big fans of the wiggle baby grow.
    Suitable from birth. 
    Price: £22.50.
    Buy here.
  • Mini White Star Storage Bag
    With all the gifts they'll be receiving, this personalised storage bag will keep them all in one place. 
    Not suitable for babies to play with.
    Price: £22. 
    Buy here.
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