24/11/2017 15:51 GMT | Updated 24/11/2017 16:01 GMT

19 Christmas Gifts For The Cheese-Lover In Your Life

So grate 🧀 🎄

Everyone knows someone who’s obsessed with cheese. So why not ditch the socks and buy them something they’ll actually really want this Christmas?

Luckily for you - and them - the internet is brimming with brielliant fromage-themed gifts: from cheese fondue sets, camembert bakers and hampers, to unique present ideas such as cheese necklaces and sassy tea towels.

Prepare to want it all.

  • Fondue Set, £38.99
    Fondue Set, £38.99
    This copper effect fondue set is perfect for dinner parties and once they get fed up of cheese (if that ever happens) they can move onto chocolate instead.

    Price: £38.99
    Buy it here.
  • French Malbec & Mini Wine Cellar, £9.99
    French Malbec & Mini Wine Cellar, £9.99
    How cool is this? The wine comes in a snazzy box which then transforms into a wine holder.

    Price: £9.99
    Buy it here.
  • Sassy Tea Towel, £9.34
    Sassy Tea Towel, £9.34
    TheLilliePad / Etsy
    'That's what cheese said.' BRILLIANT.

    Price: £9.34
    Buy it here.
  • Cheddar And Quince Liqueur Set, £65
    Cheddar And Quince Liqueur Set, £65
    This wheel of cheddar and quince liqueur make the ultimate superhero duo. They come presented in a lovely gift box too.

    Price: £65
    Buy it here.
  • Chutney Gift Set, £9.74
    Chutney Gift Set, £9.74
    DUSTandTHINGS / Etsy
    This little box of joy contains four delicious chutney flavours suitable for different types of cheese. Excellent.

    Price: £9.74
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  • Artisan Cheese Maker's Kit, £24.99
    Artisan Cheese Maker's Kit, £24.99
    Everything they need to make 10 delicious cheeses including mozzarella, ricotta, goat's cheese and paneer. 

    Price: £24.99
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  • Gold Metal Grater, £3.59
    Gold Metal Grater, £3.59
    Maisons du Monde
    Add some bling to their lives with this gold metal grater. Mr T would be proud.

    Price: £3.59
    Buy it here.
  • Cheese Earrings, £10
    Cheese Earrings, £10
    Not On The High Street
    Gouda jewellery. Even better price.

    Price: £10
    Buy it here.
  • Hexagon Serving Tray With Handles, £9.99
    Hexagon Serving Tray With Handles, £9.99
    This serving tray will not only make their cheese look nice, but it's a bargain at under a tenner.

    Price: £9.99
    Buy it here.
  • Cheese Board, £26.99
    Cheese Board, £26.99
    DUSTandTHINGS / Etsy
    This engraved (and totally relatable) wooden cheese board is guaranteed to make them smile.

    Price: £26.99
    Buy it here.
  • Cheese Necklace
    Cheese Necklace
    Artlysian / Etsy
    Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear your cheese on your chest. 

    Price: £14.87
    Buy it here.
  • Alphabet Of Cheese Print, £16.50
    Alphabet Of Cheese Print, £16.50
    BeckaGriffin / Etsy
    It will be given pride of place in their home, no questions asked.

    Price: £16.50
    Buy it here.
  • Camembert Baker, £14.50
    Camembert Baker, £14.50
    Paxton and Whitfield
    Every camembert-lover needs a pot to bake their beloved wheel of gooey goodness in.

    Price: £14.50
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  • The Pong Christmas Explorer Box, £29.95
    The Pong Christmas Explorer Box, £29.95
    A box crammed with festive cheeses including the award-winning Pave Cobble and Harrogate Blue.

    Price: £29.95
    Buy it here.
  • Wire Cheese Toppers, £10
    Wire Cheese Toppers, £10
    Not On The High Street
    Pimp their cheese board and help them determine what they're eating with these fancy wire cheese toppers. Totally Instagram-worthy.

    Price: £10
    Buy it here.
  • Cheese Melts Cookbook, £12.99
    Cheese Melts Cookbook, £12.99
    This heavenly little number features 50 mouthwatering recipes for toasted and grilled cheese sandwiches. Nice one, Fern.

    Price: £12.99
    Buy it here.
  • Posh Crackers For Cheese, £4.95
    Posh Crackers For Cheese, £4.95
    The Fine Cheese Co
    This box of wonder features packs of crackers (so they don't all go stale at once) with flavours like rosemary, olive oil and sea salt, charcoal and chive. Team with a wheel of cheese and they'll love you forever.

    Price: £4.95
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  • Radford Gourmet Cheese Knife Set, £85
    Radford Gourmet Cheese Knife Set, £85
    Sous Chef
    Stainless steel cheese knives presented in an oak box. Will (probably) be the best present they ever get.

    Price: £85
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  • Cheese Lover's Tasting Voucher for Two, £40
    Cheese Lover's Tasting Voucher for Two, £40
    cheeseatleadenhall / Instagram
    Cheese at Leadenhall is an independent cheese and wine shop in the heart of London. This voucher entitles two people to an absolute cheese-tasting fest.

    Price: £40
    Buy it here.