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Christopher Biggins Breaks Silence After 'Celebrity Big Brother' Removal To Apologise For Anti-Semitic Joke

'I am mortified by what’s happened, really mortified.'

Christopher Biggins has broken his silence following his removal from the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, insisting he is sorry for his controversial remarks. 

The entertainer was thrown off the Channel 5 reality show on Friday (5 August) after making a joke about concentration camps to Jewish housemate Katie Waissel

Viewers have since learnt that he also made further problematic comments about bisexual people, after sparking a viewer backlash earlier this week when he branded them “the worst type”

Channel 5
Christopher Biggins was removed from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house

Speaking to The Sun On Sunday, Biggins said he wished he could live the moment he made the Jewish joke again. 

“I am mortified by what’s happened, really mortified,” he said. “Most of my friends, in fact, are Jewish. I apologised to Big Brother and Katie.

“I love Jewish people. Listen, my best friend is Lesley Joseph. You can’t get much more Jewish than that.”

He insisted that there was no animosity between him and Katie and that she had accepted his apology

The ‘joke’ was made earlier this week, but producers decided not to air it, with Biggins stating he believes Channel 5 were “trying to protect him” by not including it on the show. 

“I think it’s unfortunate that someone has decided to leak the story. Then they had to do something,” he said. 

Describing his comments as “trite and ridiculous”, he added: “Thank God, I didn’t say anything worse because I could easily have done. But that is all I said.”

Channel 5
Biggins made the controversial remark to Katie Waissel

Saturday night’s episode of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ also saw Biggins blame bisexual people for the spread of AIDs. 

He said in a conversation with Aubrey O’Day and Renee Graziano: “Gays had been really badly treated, then suddenly they became respected. Then a killer disease came that was attributed to homosexuals. I think it was a bisexual disease to be honest.

“What they didn’t realise were a lot of bisexuals that went to those [third world] countries and had sex with those people and brought it back to America.”

Big Brother later explained to him those comments were part of the reason he would be removed from the house, having previously been warned for the way he spoke about bisexuals. 

Biggns said during a conversation that took place earlier in the week: “I think the worst type though is, I’m afraid to say, the bisexuals. What it is is people not wanting to admit they are gay.”

Channel 5
Biggins also made some problematic comments about bisexuals
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