11 Ways To Revamp Your Clothes Without Spending Much (Or Any) Money

11 Ways To Revamp Your Clothes For Basically No Money

Holiday season has come to an end, which means one thing: Your wallet is seriously hurting.

Between all of the Christmas presents and hostess gifts you doled out, you probably don't have as much disposable income to spend on your wardrobe as you normally have... yet, you're already tired of your winter rotation of outfits. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to revamp your clothes without spending much (or any) money at all. Here are a few tricks:

Switch out the buttons on your coats. Who needs pricey outerwear when gold buttons can make any old coat look new?

Wear an oversized sweater over a dressy outfit. The cozy touch will add a cool, slouchy element to your closet staples.

Buy a cheap (read: on sale) pair of gloves. After the holidays, winter accessories always hit the sale racks, and you can scoop up a fun pair.

Rock colored or printed socks. Roll up those skinny pant legs and let those socks you got from Grandma show.

Try a bright shade of lipstick. Nobody will notice that you wear the same dress every week if you mix up your usual lip color with a punchy coral or pink shade.

Add a belt to a dress or tunic top. Take a cue from Michelle Obama and give your go-to outfits new proportions and visual interest with a waist cincher.

Wear heels or dressy flats with an outfit you'd normally pair with sneakers (or vice versa!). The resulting outfit will be an unexpected, quirky change from your usual style.

Bust out an attention-grabbing necklace. Sick of your button-down or your white T-shirt? Just add some major bling.

Pick up a punchy headband. Even the most boring outfits become praiseworthy with a fun headband.

Layer your jewelry. You can transform old necklaces into a DIY statement necklace or rock an arm party.

Mix in an unexpected pair of colored tights. Yes, you can pull off colored or textured tights. And yes, everyone will compliment you on them.

Get creative:

Vintage Jewelry, Orphan Earrings And Buttons:

Uses For Buttons, Baubles And Beads

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