CNN Reporter Accidentally Stands Right Next To Grenade Live On Air In Kyiv

"Oh, actually...I was crouching down right by a grenade. I didn't see that. Let's move away from that."
A CNN reporter accidentally stands very close to a grenade while in Kyiv
A CNN reporter accidentally stands very close to a grenade while in Kyiv

CNN’s senior international correspondent unintentionally found himself in a very dangerous situation live on air while reporting from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Matthew Chance realised he was standing exceptionally close to a grenade just as he was speaking to his colleague back in the US studio.

He was crouching down on a dirt road and explaining how the Ukrainian resistance was so strong against the Russian army, when he suddenly stood up and moved away from the camera.

Quickly resuming his report, Chance said: “Oh actually...I was crouching right down by a grenade. I didn’t see that. Let’s move away from that.”

Chance has been on the forefront of the fighting in Ukraine since it started five days ago, sharing footage of the immediate aftermath of battles near Kyiv where vehicles are “still smoking”.

It’s only five days since Russia first invaded Ukraine, but as its efforts repeatedly stalled due to the strength of the country’s resistance, Moscow appears to be turning more violent.

On Monday, its shelling of the Russian-speaking region of Kharkiv – Ukraine’s second-largest city after Kyiv – sparked online fear that Russian president Vladimir Putin was becoming increasingly ruthless.

The UN estimates close to 500,000 people have now fled Ukraine to save themselves from Russian forces.

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