10/01/2020 00:01 GMT | Updated 26/03/2021 15:42 GMT

Come Dine With Me's Most Memorable Moments

The Channel 4 dining competition is in its 16th year.

In the 16 (SIXTEEN!) years that Come Dine With Me has been distracting us from our hangovers, there have been plenty of jaw-dropping moments to keep us entertained.

As well as the (often inedible) food, we’ve been treated to blazing rows, sore losers and a host who thought it was acceptable to serve up his main course dressed in nothing but a mankini (it’s not).

Here are our favourite and totally unforgettable moments from the past 45 (!!) series...

There’s been dodgy food 

Channel 4
Channel 4

Dodgy kitchen hygiene

People have fallen out

And fallen over

This host made one of her guests wear a bag over his head because he was “the most unattractive man she’d ever seen”

Channel 4
Come Dine Wit Me

No wonder there have been walk-outs 

And strops

But in amongst the drama there has still been space for plenty of innuendo


As well as toe-curling scenes

Not to mention some questionable table manners

HIGHLY questionable (and in front of Julie Goodyear, too)

And speaking of questionable, there’s also been some dodgy attire...

Channel 4
Come Dine With Me

...and even questionable tables

And boy, have there been some seriously bad losers...

But most people had a good time

Bon appétit!