12/08/2016 15:24 BST

Commentator Elliotte Friedman Covers Michael Phelps 200m Medley Win, Gets Lanes Mixed Up

“I apologise, I got my lanes mixed up.”

A Canadian commentator handed victory in the men’s 200m medley on Thursday to Ryan Lochte - despite the fact it was Michael Phelps who took Olympic victory.

A rather confused Elliotte Friedman “got my lanes mixed up” and covered the entire race hailing it as a historic win for Lochte.

He enthusiastically said: “He has never ever beaten Michael Phelps in this competition in the Olympic Games.

Lee Jin-man/AP
That's definitely Phelps.

“But Ryan Lochte is going for it and Phelps doesn’t look like he has this one in him.

“Ryan Lochte going for his 13th career medal, saving the best for last, finally he is going to do it, Ryan Lochte is going to beat Michael Phelps and Phelps might not even make the podium!”

There is then a long pause...

“I apologise, I got my lanes mixed up.”

Friedman later apologised on twitter for the gaffe. 

In the spirit of the Games and on a social media platform more commonly known for trolling, people were wonderfully forgiving.

 Maybe it’s a Canadian thing. 

It was Phelps won his 22nd Olympic gold and in the fourth consecutive 200m individual medley title in 1:54.66 seconds.

It’s his fourth gold of the Rio games. Sort of just feels like he’s showing off now, doesn’t it?