Conservative Party Conference Event Guide 'Trolls' With Cancelled Poverty Event

Oh dear.
Matt Cardy via Getty Images

A Conservative party conference event was the subject of much mirth when people suggested a seminar on poverty being cancelled was the height of irony.

The event ‘Poverty to Prosperity’ had been due to take place on Sunday - the first day of the Tories’ annual autumn conference in Birmingham.

It saw Theresa May address the country and thousands of party members for the first time as leader at conference since becoming prime minister in July.

But eagle-eyed Mirror reporter Mikey Smith noticed that one fringe event organised by the Legatum Institute event had been cancelled.

It is still listed on the official Conservative Party Conference website.

The move was described as “top trolling”, with one person suggesting it had been removed from the billing due to “lack of interest”.

The event carries the same name as a report produced by the Legatum Institute last month.

Its authors Shanker Singham and Molly Kiniry said their paper made: “the economic and moral case for how property rights, open trade and competitive markets can serve as a means to lifting people out of poverty, and towards prosperity.”