21/04/2017 13:33 BST

‘Coronation Street’ Actress Lucy Fallon Calls For Social Media Age Limits, After Bethany Platt Grooming Storyline

The actress's research has changed her views on websites including Facebook and Twitter.

‘Coronation Street’ actress Lucy Fallon has revealed how her current storyline has affected her views on social media, calling for an age limit to be introduced.

Her 16-year-old character Bethany is currently at the centre of a grooming storyline, and while she is under the impression that she’s in a relationship with Nathan, she has no idea he is actually grooming her for a sex ring.

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Lucy Fallon began playing Bethany Platt in 2015

Lucy has now shared her thoughts the storyline, which has been praised by a number of charities, explaining what it was like meeting a young woman who had been through a similar experience to Bethany.

“When we met I was really crying when we were talking to her,” Lucy told the Sun. “When you’re young, especially like Lucy, she was really vulnerable and didn’t have a good family support behind her so she went to social media to try and speak to people because she was lonely and that’s how it started with her.

“It’s changed how I feel about social media. And I think it’s changed my opinion on when I have a child if it’s a boy or a girl and how I feel about them being on social media from such a young age.

“I think that shouldn’t be allowed. There should be an older age limit. I think it should be 16.”

At present, the recommended lower age limit for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat is 13.

Bethany has been manipulated by Nathan 

Lucy’s ‘Corrie’ storyline will take another dark turn next week, when Nathan forces Bethany to have sex with one of his friends.

The end is in sight for Bethany though, as Christopher Harper, who plays abuser Nathan, previously revealed that the storyline will wrap up this summer.

Explaining that he will be leaving the soap, Christopher said: “[Nathan]’s not going to hang around. It’s the right decision. What we really want is to tell it right.

“Anyone watching it who fears for themselves or someone else, will know that there is somewhere to go and that there’s a very supportive and very loving network of survivors out there who will help you get through it.”

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