20/06/2017 07:00 BST | Updated 20/06/2017 07:20 BST

Countryfile’s Matt Baker Calls For Change To Show's Seasonal Specials

The star spoke to HuffPost UK.

‘Countryfile’ host Matt Baker has called for more episodes to be added to the team’s filming schedule, making the case to mix up the seasonal specials.

At present, Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter episodes air at the close of each respective season.

Speaking to HuffPost UK at the press launch of ‘Countryfile Live’, Matt explained why he’d like to see extra shows, or a change to the current format, announced.

Countryfile Live
The 'Countryfile' team will be on-site for the four day live event 

He told us: “We do our seasonal specials every year, as cornerstones of the seasons, and I think what would be more useful would be to tee people up about what to look for, as opposed to looking at what’s just happened.

“It’s that looking forward, getting people ready for what’s about to occur. People could become more observant and be looking out for things, it would be more a heads up.

PA Archive/PA Images
Matt Baker 

“Some sort of guide about what’s to come within that season, and therefore people will feel more engaged and want to go out and explore because they’d know what to look for.

When asked if this would mean two specials for each season, he replied: “You’d do half and half really, reflect on what we’ve had and then look at what’s next. It would feel a little bit more inspiring.”

Matt and his fellow ‘Countryfile’ hosts will return to Blenheim Palace for the second ever ‘Countryfile Live’ event in August.

Following the success of the 2016 mini-festival, this year’s bonanza will be a four-day long affair, taking place from 3 - 6 August.

For further information, and to book tickets, visit www.countryfilelive.com.

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