19/12/2016 13:21 GMT | Updated 19/12/2016 13:22 GMT

'The Apprentice' Runner-Up Courtney Wood Is Convinced He's Better Off WITHOUT Lord Sugar's Investment

A £250,000 investment was up for grabs.

‘The Apprentice’ runner-up Courtney Wood has claimed his defeat in the series final could be a “blessing in disguise”, and trusts he’ll be able to raise more money by himself, without Lord Sugar’s input.

Courtney came in second in last night’s series final, losing out to Alana Spencer, who won a £250,000 investment and the chance to go into business with Lord Sugar. 

He told RadioTimes.com it was a “win-win” situation.

Courtney was in the final two, but was overlooked in favour of Alana Spencer

“I felt like I had an opportunity to show Great Britain what I do. Like, my business plan is my current company, Bubblegumstuff.com,” he says. “And yeah, I’ve shown like 6-8 million people who Courtney Wood is, what my company does. So I feel like it’s been a great opportunity for me.”

Courtney had struggled to deliver his pitch to a group of industry executives, despite investing valuable preparation in a public speaking lesson at RADA, and despite Karthik’s energetic support. 

Courtney struggled to deliver his pitch, although he took professional advice

Alana Spencer won for her idea, a Welsh baking service, delivering ‘ridiculously rich’ cakes to outlets, with her own name adding the USP. 

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