11/10/2018 16:25 BST

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Series 4: 11 Songs That Are A Total Mood

Yeah, we can relate.

It might not be the biggest TV show on the planet, but ’Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ has certainly made a name for itself over the last three years.

The show has been applauded for its unique spin on the clichés associated with a romantic comedy, as well as its portrayal of mental illness in its most recent series, but has also made a splash thanks to its musical elements, with Rachel Bloom accompanying the action on screen with original musical theatre numbers and pop parodies.

And despite the characters in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ being less-than-sympathetic at the best of times, we can’t ignore the fact we’ve found the show’s musical offerings more relatable than we’d care to admit on a number of occasions.

Here are just 11 of the songs that have hit particularly close to home over the last three series, as we prepare for a whole new series on Netflix... 

1. ‘The Sexy Getting Ready Song’

What’s it about? The ultimate fantasy vs. reality comparison, in this sequence we see Rebecca highlighting that for a lot of women, getting ready for a night out is a lot less glam than certain girl bands’ music videos would have us believe.

Sample lyric: “I’m primpin’ and pluckin’, I’m brushin’ and rubbin’, the sexy getting ready song”

2. ‘Where’s The Bathroom?’

What’s it about? So… you know when you’re excited to see your parent after a little while? And within about three minutes you’re completely exhausted, insulted and need a lie down in a darkened room? Yeah, that’s what this song is about.

Sample lyric: “By the way you’re looking healthy and by healthy I mean chunky, I don’t mean that as an insult I’m just stating it as fact… I see your eczema is back.” 

3. ‘Textmergency’

What’s it about? Oh, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Either you’ve sent a text to the wrong friend slagging them off, accidentally let your crush know what you really think of them, or, even worse, shared a little bit too much with your office WhatsApp group. This song pretty much sums up that overwhelming dread, in 80s power ballad form. With a cameo from the ghost of Steve Jobs.

Sample lyric: “There’s no turning back here in the danger zone, you’ve got to manually delete that text from that dude’s cell phone.” 

4. ‘You Stupid Bitch’

What’s it about? That feeling when absolutely everything is wrong and it is entirely your own fault. Not a song we advise listening to when this is actually the case, as it goes, even if its Celine Dion-esque delivery might make you feel otherwise.

Sample lyric: “You’re just a lying little bitch who ruins things and wants the world to burn. Bitch. You’re a stupid bitch. And lose some weight.”

5. ‘Oh My God I Think I Like You’

What’s it about? At this point in the story, Rebecca Bunch is starting to think there might be more to her relationship with her “friend with benefits” than just what happens in the bedroom. We’re sure someone, somewhere can relate.

Sample lyric: “I’m upside down next to my kitchen sink, and suddenly it’s like oh my god I think I like you.”

6. ‘Love Kernels’

What’s it about? Set to a parody of Beyoncé’s second visual album, ‘Lemonade’, this series two opener sees Rebecca still obsessing over her boyfriend, Josh Chan, taking stock of every tiny compliment and positive affirmation he pays her to tide her over until the next one. Again… we’re sure someone, somewhere can relate.

Sample lyric: “Each little crumb another tasty clue… because if you read between the lines he’s saying ‘I love you’.”

7. ‘We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now’

What’s it about? The title says it all, surely?

Sample lyric:So good to be having sex right now, what makes it so good is the fact we said, we shouldn’t be having sex right now.” 

8. ‘Research Me Obsessively’

What’s it about? OK, so you know when you very strongly suspect that your ex has someone new on the scene. And even though it’s not confirmed, you spend every spare moment you have scrolling through their Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn trying to gather all the information you can on them? Oh… no, us neither.

Sample lyric: “Just research me, and research me, and research me, and research me. Oops. It’s three days later.”

 9. ‘You Go First’

What’s it about? Another 80s-esque power ballad, this one telling the relatable story of being stuck in a fight with a friend, and fully wanting to only apologise… but only if they make the first move.

Sample lyric: “I mean this is almost entirely all my fault here, but you gotta admit it’s just a tiny bit your fault too.”

10. ‘Let’s Generalize About Men’ 

What’s it about? Getting together for a good dish and a few glasses of wine and the conversation getting… a little out of hand.

Sample lyric: “All men are stupid and childish, even the ones who are smart and mature.”

11. ‘The First Penis I Saw’

What’s it about? Being out and about in public and inadvertently bumping into that very special ex.

Sample lyric: “I was such an innocent girl when we first met, you opened up my eyes to a whole new world and how could I ever forget… the first penis I saw?”

The fourth and final series of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ starts on 13 October on Netflix, with new episodes streaming every Saturday.