20/07/2018 07:01 BST

5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: Perching Puffins And Friendly Neighbours


The sun is shining (still), another weekend is upon us and you’re about to see five adorable photos and videos starring brilliant animals. What could be better?

1. This two-year-old’s adorable neighbour.

A toddler has made quite the impression on his neighbours’ doggo. After throwing a ball over the fence, the two-year-old was thrilled when the playful pooch caught it and returned it to his side of the fence - cue the start of a very beautiful friendship.

2. Perching puffins causing bewilderment.

Puffins on Skokholm Island off the coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales have taken to sitting on the feet of weary travellers - and nobody knows why. Aren’t they glorious?

3. Four cheetah babies have their first checkup.

A coalition of baby cheetahs (yes, that’s their collective noun) had their first health checkup this week and oh boy are they cute. The exam involved microchipping, a general exam and some vaccinations to keep them in tip top health - all while wrapped in blankets. Bless.

4. The dogs helping their owners pupose.

Dogs are sweet, obedient, loyal creatures who just want what’s best for their owners. Exhibit A: @Afshaann shared a photo of four pups who helped their owners propose by balancing engagement rings on their snouts and heads. We cannot even...

5. There’s no coming between this Akita and his quilt.

HuffPost UK reader Betty Brown sent in a snap of her beloved Akita called Fuji who loves to laze. “He is 5 years old and very friendly, if a little clumsy,” she says. “Here he is lying on a huge appliquéd quilt I made - it is mostly silk and entirely hand-stitched.” Living. The. Dream.

Betty Brown
Fuji the Akita

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