15/06/2018 09:59 BST

5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: Achilles The 'Psychic' World Cup Cat And Patient Frenchie


This week a French Bulldog captured hearts everywhere after it waited patiently outside a café where dogs explicitly weren’t allowed.

Photos of the well-behaved doggo were shared on Twitter by Jasmine, who later managed to bag a selfie to declare their friendship.

The dog who saved the day when its owner was locked out.

When a woman got locked out from her house, her mission was to get her obedient dog to pull out the wooden bar from the sliding door which was preventing her from getting in.

Luckily for her, the excited pooch was well up for the task. Prepare to watch complete and utter joy unfold.

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The dog who you should (not) be terrified of. 

This silly sausage gave the game away that it’s actually a really big softy by sticking its head through the cat flap and getting stuck.

“Enter at your own risk.” Sure. 

The ‘psychic’ cat predicting World Cup winners. 

Achilles the cat successfully predicted the winner of last night’s World Cup game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. The feline was offered two bowls of food with the flags of both nations over each. After a moment’s hesitation he went over to munch some food from the bowl with the Russian flag.

He’s set the bar high, which means he’s going to have to endure wearing miniature football shirts for another few weeks.

Dylan Martinez / Reuters
Achilles is 100% not rooting for anyone right now.

The pooch who smashed his before and after haircut photos.

Katy Perry’s tiny doggo Nugget recently got his fur clipped at Jess Rona’s grooming parlour (she has 141,000 followers, so she knows her stuff) - and his before and after photos are dynamite. Click through the photos below, Rona has definitely saved the best until last.

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