12/10/2018 06:00 BST

5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: Baby Penguin's First Swim And One Giant Leap For Dogkind

How glorious.

This week’s animal news was rightly dominated by the woman removed from a flight after bringing her emotional support squirrel onboard.

Unfortunately, squirrels aren’t allowed on Frontier Airlines flights – the rule applies to all rodents – so the woman and her support animal were swiftly removed from the plane. All in all, the kerfuffle resulted in a two-hour delay.

Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, there were some great achievements...

One giant leap for dogkind.

Sometimes life throws obstacles our way. For one young bulldog, it was a very physical obstacle in the form of the bottom bar of a baby gate. Mere inches off the floor, it took this pup quite the build-up to get over it. And get over it he did, with a vengeance. Good job kid. 

Baby penguin takes its first swim.

London Sea Life centre’s first baby Gentoo penguin celebrated another milestone this week by taking to the water for its first ever swim. The unnamed penguin (we’ll call him Pingu) took the plunge while being closely monitored by mum and dad, Juno and Loki. Cute.


The saddest Frenchie of all time.

A French Bulldog got hella excited about a big old bubble. But then... it popped. Cue complete and utter devastation. 

Pupper is SO ready for Halloween.

Imagine being able to get away with wearing a bit of kitchen roll as a Halloween costume. You’d save so much money. This tiny pooch is winning at fancy dress already and we’re not even midway through October. We expect big things.

World’s largest forest antelope gets papped.

You’d think, being the world’s largest forest antelope, that it would be pretty hard to evade the cameras. But this one managed to do so... Until recently, when it was snapped by scientists.

The lowland bongo was spotted on Chester Zoo’s motion-sensor camera in the lowland rainforests of the Semuliki National Park, Uganda. Look at those fabulous ears.

Chester Zoo

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