5 Cute Animal Pictures To End The Week: Cat Dad's Kittens And Panoramic Dog

The cuteness factor is off the charts in the latest instalment of HuffPets.

The four-day week is over and we know you’re a thousand times ready to see some adorable animal pictures. We won’t keep you waiting...

1. The kittens that have captured a #catdad and nation’s heart.

Paris Zarcilla from Hackney Wick came home to one hell of a surprise earlier this week when he found a random cat under his bed with a litter of four newborn kittens. The adorable fur babies have been doing well and Zarcilla has been sharing regular updates on Twitter for those who are heavily invested (basically everyone).

The director says he’s adapted to his role as #catdad well. He told HuffPost UK: “All smiles and meows in this house. [I’m] Discovering a deeper level of cat appreciation and also a hidden well of paternal love. I think I love them. Like actually love them with my heart. I’m going to give them everything they need until they need me no more.”

One of the kittens that has captured Paris's heart. 
One of the kittens that has captured Paris's heart. 

2. The arrival of Poco the adorable tamandua.

The long-tongued cutie pie was born this week at London Zoo. The little one has already been spotted practising sticking out its long tongue, which will grow up to 40cm in length and is used to extract insects from branches and holes.

His dad Tobi is a ‘fast mover’ according to keepers, who figured out mum Ria must have fallen pregnant the same week Tobi arrived in her enclosure. Blimey.

Little Poco 
Little Poco 

3. This dog who loves his house brick.

Ariana’s dog might have aged over time, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his undying love for his house brick - that is the commitment we all dream of.

4. The caught-in-a-panorama-dog.

In what is possibly the most hilarious animal picture to grace the internet, this two-year-old border collie called Reggie was captured in a panorama shot by his owner Niamh. But unfortunately it cut out a lot of his torso and he ended up going from this...

To this...

5. Molly who is a very good doggo.

HuffPost reader and photographer David Burgess shared a picture of his nine-year-old rescue Golden Retriever called Molly who is “so patient, friendly and loving”. Molly sits outside David’s mobile photo studio all day, every day waiting for him to finish. “We’ve had her since she came from Ireland at age five and couldn’t wish for a more perfect dog,” he says. “I took this photograph of her a couple of days ago during a local walk by the river Stour.”


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