5 Cute Animals To End The Week, Including Two Festive Penguins And Louis Furroux

Louis Theroux met his paw-fect match.

It’s been A Week for British politics. But we don’t need to talk about that. Oh no, forget that blasted mace for a second, we’re here to look at pictures of animals.

As it’s Christmas Jumper Day, we must start with...

1. Festive Penguins

These penguins at London’s Sea Life centre don’t seem too enamoured by Christmas jumpers (not exactly a bucket of fish, is it?), but it was a nice effort by staff nonetheless.

Sea Life

2. Cat Jesus

Ariana Grande says ‘God is a woman’, but what if God is actually... a cat?!

3. Louis Furroux

Louis Theroux met his spirit animal: a furry doggo who goes by the name of Louis Furroux. They’re the paw-fect match.

4. Lil Bill

Forget Knickers the giant cow, Lil Bill is a tiny cow born weighing just under 10lbs – roughly the size of a cat. To put that into perspective, the average weight of a newborn calf is 63lbs.

He was born a month early, but vets at Mississippi State University are still a little befuddled as to why he’s so tiny.

5. Happy Hound

Dog has head massaged, experiences pure bliss (jealous).

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