Halloween Costumes For Babies: 9 Ideas That Will Look Adorable

Who can resist the cuteness?

There’s nothing more adorable than a baby in a Halloween costume. So instead of worrying about what you’ll be wearing come 31 October, take a look through the outfits below.

From spiders to ghosts and even a cute monster - you’ve got the pick of them all.

Mini Meow
Even with evil green eyes, your little one will 100% look adorable in this cat costume.
PRICE: £21.99
AGE: 6-24 months
Pink Monster
Possibly the sweetest monster you ever will see.
PRICE: £27
AGE: 0-24 months
Mummy Baby
Wearing a cute little jumpsuit with a hood, your little baby mummy will fit the part perfectly.
PRICE: £22
AGES: 6-24 months
Baby Pumpkin
Kit out your baby pumpkin with an adorable hat and smiley-face body suit.

PRICE: £11.49
AGE: Up to 24 months (one size)
Skeleton Baby
A onesie and a headpiece to create the perfect skeleton look.
PRICE: £11.99
AGE: 6-12 months
Witch And Famous
Turn your little one into a black and purple witch with this adorable onesie that has an attached tutu.
PRICE: £21.99
AGE: 6-24 months
Possibly the easiest Halloween costume that includes a cape, waistcoat, boat tie, and trousers - all in a onesie. Easy.
AGE: 0-9 months
Silly Spider
Not the most comfortable looking costume for Halloween but isn't it cute?PRICE: £13.99
AGE: 12-24 months
Baby Ghost
A cosy onesie that will keep little toes warm.
PRICE: £12.50
AGE: 0-3 months
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