Dad Brings Magic Of Tooth Fairy Alive For Five-Year-Old By 'Capturing' Its Visit On Camera


A dad brought the magic of the tooth fairy alive for his son, using his incredible computer skills.

Daniel Hashimoto is known for using computer generated imagery (CGI) to make fascinating videos that often feature his family.

This time, he used it to convince his five-year-old son, James Hashimoto, that the Tooth Fairy is in fact very real.

James set up cameras in his room the night after he lost a tooth to see if he would see the fairy.


When looking back at the footage, James was giddy with excitement.

“We caught the Tooth Fairy!” he yelled to his dad.


Hashimoto managed to create a film that showed the Tooth Fairy peering through the window, coming into the room and taking the tooth from under the pillow.

Seriously impressive.

The video, posted on 13 October 2016, has been viewed nearly 100,000 times in just over a week.

So if you ever need to convince your kids the Tooth Fairy IS real, just show them this video. (Now we just need a similar one for Santa, too!)

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