07/03/2018 11:46 GMT

'One Born Every Minute' Dad Who Was Comforting Girlfriend In Labour Faints In Delivery Room

'I just feel like I have to be strong for her.'

The moment a dad fainted in the delivery room while his girlfriend was in labour was caught on camera during an episode of ‘One Born Every Minute’.

Ben, 29, and his partner, Amy, 23, were at Birmingham Women’s hospital for the new series of the Channel 4 show, which follows expectant parents as they welcome their babies in the world. Amy met Ben in a car park at work and within three months of getting together, she was pregnant.  

The dad-to-be explained (prior to fainting) that it shocked him how much his emotions have changed since learning he was going to be a dad. “It’s turned me into a right softie,” he said. “I can’t even watch telly without crying. I just feel like I have to be strong for her.”


While Amy was pushing, it was all a bit much for Ben, who disappeared from his partner’s side and fell to the floor. 

“He’s passed out,” Amy shouted, while the midwife called in for help to assist.

The early release of the clip didn’t show the aftermath of the dad fainting, but viewers will be able to watch their story in the second episode of the new series on 14 March. 

The new series of ‘One Born Every Minute’ begins on Channel 4, 7 March at 9pm.

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