04/04/2017 15:49 BST

Dad Gets Adorable Note Left By Daughter Before He Goes Away With Blatantly Obvious Request

Oh, it's like that is it?

When your kids are being nice to you, you’re often left with the assumption that they’re probably looking for something in return.

That can most definitely be said for this little girl, who decided to gift her dad with her teddy and a personalised note before he went away for work.

“Dear daddy, you can use Dumbo, I love you, good morning, good night, sweet dreams, I love you to the moon and back,” the note read.

And then the little girl added: “Also, get me a souvenir :). Love Tatertot.”

Sharing the photo on Reddit, the dad wrote: “Joys of parenting - found it suitcase on a business trip.”

Top marks to his daughter for effort though - we really hope she got that souvenir. 

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