Dad Throws Fake Xmas Present Into The Fire To Teach Grabby Kids A Lesson


“My kids sometimes have a hard time following simple requests. It is a constant struggle with them to listen to us,” said YouTuber Scotty B.

And as every parent knows, that shit just escalates 10-fold at Christmas.

So Scotty decided to teach them a lesson.

In a pre-planned stunt, Scotty starts by asking why they don’t listen to him and gets a ton of sass: “Cos we’re not YOU”. He then asks his daughter Cooper to get a present and to give it to him. Which of course, she doesn’t do.

He wrote: “I decided to wrap an empty box and put it under the tree. I waited until they didn’t listen (again) and then this happened... I love my kids more than anything, but sometimes, they need to be taught a lesson! Happy Holidays!”

”I’m going to call my mommy,” she yells. Followed by a more sinister: “I’m gonna smash your phone and put it in the fireplace.”

Pa ha.