Dad Brings Son's Drawings To Life In Incredible Fashion

Better than keeping them all on the fridge door.

A dad decided to do something creative with the wacky drawings his son often hands him.

Tom Curtis uses Photoshop to bring his son Dom’s drawings to life - however crazy they are.

The photos have been posted on the Instagram account, ‘Things I Have Drawn’.

“The idea behind it was always to show how brilliant (and sometimes funny) kids drawings can be, and it just so happened that I started with my own son’s drawings,” Curtis told The Huffington Post UK.

“The original premise wasn’t that I took Dominic’s drawings and showed what they might look like in real life. Instead the idea is about imagining a world in which kids’ drawings are accurate and the things they draw are real.

“It’s just us silly adults that don’t see them because we’re not looking hard enough.”

First, Dom describes what he has drawn on Instagram.

“Here is the lifecycle of a butterfly, look on the right at that funny little guy,” he captioned the photo above.

“I saw him in the garden, just there on the ground. Although I think the arrows might be the wrong way round.”

He then uploads a photo of the life-like representation created by his dad.

And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Follow the pair’s creations on their Instagram account.

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